The Finnish Saturday School in the East Midlands
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Welcome to the Finnish Saturday School in the East Midlands!

The Finnish Saturday School is open to anyone interested in the Finnish language and culture. Before the Covid-19 we met in the Robjohn Hall in Narborough, less than 10 miles south of Leicester, every other Saturday during term time. Then we also had an afternoon coffee break open to the Finns and other people interested in Finnish and Finland with a cup of Finnish coffee and cakes. We hope to return there after the pandemic will ease.

The purpose of the East Midlands Saturday School is to advance education in the Finnish language and culture. The classes are aimed at children whose parent or parents are of Finnish descent. In addition, we also continue to teach adults during the school year 2020/2021.

At the moment we carry on teaching and learning virtually. Please, send us an e-mail, if you or your children are interested in participating in any of our three children’s groups (see Learning Finnish page) or our adult group and we will pass the details to the teacher of the relevant group. Please note that we also offer free trial lessons in all our groups for everyone who would first prefer to see how we work. The current details of virtual meetings differ slightly from group to group. However, we try to keep the confirmed School Dates in one way or another.

Check School Dates for this term's dates. For more information, see School, Learning Finnish and News.

Created on 24 October, 2011
Last updated: 24 October, 2020

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